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A Cindererella Story


Released on the 15th anniversary of the original A Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff, the franchise sees a fresh entry for this Christmas season. Loosely based on Leigh Dunlap’s book, A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish delivers a warm-hearted tale of teen-driven romance and engaging musical numbers.

Made for a younger teen audience, the wholesome movie re-imagines the cherished fairy tale for the present with a twist for the holidays. Think the traditional Christmas movies of Hallmark meeting the Disney Channel.

Laura Marano (Disney’s Austin & Ally), Gregg Sulkin (Marvel’s Runaways) and Isabella Gomez (One Day at a Time) star in the up-beat Christmas tale that riffs on the basic Cinderella template.

Kat (Laura Marano) is an aspiring singer, forced to live with her selfish stepmother Deirdra (Johannah Newmarch) until she turns 18. Deirdra and her two daughters love making Kat’s life miserable.

Life starts looking up for Kat working as an elf at Santa Land. The guy of her dreams, Dominic (Gregg Sulkin), starts working as Santa. The two share budding chemistry even as Kat hides her true identity behind a set of elf ears. Kat’s BFF Isla (Isabella Gomez) has no problem encouraging her friend’s hopes and dreams. A lavish Christmas Gala being held by Dominic’s father sets the stage for the final clash between Kat and her wicked stepmother.

The romantic comedy provides lively song-and-dance numbers, some laughs and appealing stars for its target market. Laura Marano and Gregg Sulkin have nice chemistry together, absolutely essential in the teen-driven musical vehicle. Marano is a talented singer and performer perfect for this kind of light-hearted holiday music.

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish is a cute movie made for the teenage market with no real flaws. Delivering a satisfying romantic story filled with all the trappings of the Christmas season.

Special features include:

  • The Looks and Costumes of Christmas Wish

  • The Mic and the Stage

The Swan Princess 25th Anniversary Blu-ray


The story follows the lives of Princess Odette (Michelle Nicastro) and her childhood friend Prince Derek (Howard McGillin) who were inseparable as kids and grow closer in love to rule the kingdom as they grow older. Of course we all know that’s too good to stay like that, so we have Lord Rothbart (Jack Palance), a sorcerer that’s looking to take over the land for himself. As he’s going about his plans to do so, he’s caught in the act but not before placing a spell on the princess that turns her into a swan, and she can only turn human again under moonlight.

Odette does her best to live life as a swan and even makes some clichéd but fun animal friends named Jean-Bob (John Cleese) who is a frog and Speed (Steven Wright) the turtle, along with Puffin (Steve Vinovich) the bird. Her friends are determined to help her and Prince Derek be together again, but with the magic spell complicating things and Rothbart on the loose, it’s going to take a lot of work at getting their happy ever after.

The film is directed by Richard Rich and written by Brian Nissen from a story by Rich and Nissen. The cast includes Jack Palance, John Cleese, Steven Wright, Sandy Duncan, and Michelle Nicastro.

This is a delightful movie. The music is wonderful, and the story is exciting especially for children.

Special Features include:

  • ALL-NEW “A Look Back, Tease Ahead” – featurette

  • Archival features


Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle


The three Angels (Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu) are back with a new Bosley (Bernie Mac) and a new case, this time with the United States government. Somebody has stolen two rings, which when combined, hold top government secrets, including the true identities of those in witness relocation. Along for the ride are Robert Patrick, Demi Moore (as a former Angel, Madison Lee), Justin Theroux, Shia LaBeouf, Luke Wilson, Matt LeBlanc, John Cleese (as Lucy Liu’s dad?), Crispin Glover, Carrie Fisher, and even Bruce Willis.

I really enjoyed the movie Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu work very well together. If you enjoyed the first Charlies Angels, you like this on as well.

Special Features on Blu-ray include:

    • ALL-NEW: Sneak peek at the new 2019 Charlie’s Angels film with an extended clip from the film

    • Telestrator Commentary with Director McG

    • Writer’s Commentary

    • Angel-Vision Trivia Track

    • Full Throttle: The Cars of Charlie’s Angels

    • Dream Duds: Costuming an Angel Angels Makeover: Hansen Dam

    • Designing Angels: The Look of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

    • Learn Why: There’s No Such Thing As a “Short Shot”, Only an Overworked Producer

    • Music Video: Pink Featuring William Orbit “Feel Good Time”

    • Cameo-Graphy

    • Turning Angels into Pussycats Dolls

    • Rolling with the Punches

    • XXX-Treme Angels

    • Full Throttle Jukebox

    • Angel Scouts: A Look Into the Gorgeous Locations

    • Theatrical Trailer



The movie’s premise is pretty much the same. You have Simba, the son of Mufasa that wants to go on his father’s footsteps. But Scar, Simba’s uncle wants to betray Mufasa and take over the Pride Lands. Simba has to go in an exile and he will then meet with Timon and Pumbaa. In order for Simba to survive he needs to make an alliance. And then he will use that in order to take what’s rightfully his back.

When it comes to stories, The Lion King was very creative and it did bring in front some really impressive features. But the thing that really matters the most here is the unique attention to detail and how accurate the visuals are here. There are a few returning voiceover professionals here, but we also have some new stars too, so there’s pretty much something for everyone here.

Cast: Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfre Woodard, Billy Eichner, John Kani, John Oliver, Florence Kasumba, Eric André, Keegan-Michael Key, JD McCrary, Shahadi Wright Joseph, with Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and James Earl Jones.

Special Features

  • The Journey to The Lion King
  • Disney Song Selection (Sing-Along)
  • More to be Scene
  • Music Videos
  • Filmmaker Introduction with Director Jon Favreau
  • Audio Commentary with Director Jon Favreau
  • Protect the Pride
  • And More!

Doom Patrol: The Complete First Season


Inspired by writer Grant Morrison’s legendary run on Doom Patrol from the late ’80s, season one takes mostly unknown comic book characters like Robotman and Rita Farr, brilliantly giving them life on the screen. Developed as fully fleshed people with insecurities and personalities, the show respects their roots on the page without slavishly feeling beholden to it. Doom Patrol’s surreal adventures have the dysfunctional superhero team traveling in time, getting swallowed into a donkey, meeting a sentient street, as well as more crazy adventures in this first season.

Bold storytelling and a willingness to color outside the lines makes Doom Patrol one of this decade’s most invigorating superhero programs. Using quirky characters largely unknown outside of hardcore comic book circles, the compelling drama and tightly crafted superhero narrative make Doom Patrol something special for fans.

Doom Patrol’s first season has fifteen episodes, introducing the world to its largely unknown superheroes, an eclectic mix of outcasts and misfits bonding together in Cloverton, Ohio. While the Doom Patrol isn’t the Justice League, or even the Teen Titans, Cyborg is added to the Doom Patrol for the purposes of television. Cyborg slides right into the Doom Patrol like he’s been a member for years.

Brought together by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton), the rag-tag collection of individuals in the Doom Patrol are outcasts from society. The members have been shunned in the past for either their freakish appearance or bad behavior. The quirky line-up includes the aforementioned Cyborg, Robotman (voiced by Brendan Fraser), Rita Farr, Crazy Jane, and Negative Man.

The star-studded cast includes Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Joivan Wade, Alan Tudyk, Matt Bomer, and Brendan Fraser.

Doom Patrol goes beyond conventional superhero action, delving into these characters’ psyches for some of the best character development ever seen in the genre. There’s Cliff Steele, the former race car driver struggling with the fact he now exists only as a brain controlling a robot body as the hulking Robotman.

A former movie star from the ’50s, the shallow Rita Farr lost her career when she accidentally gained powers in Africa, losing the ability to control her newly elastic body. Now she melts into a bag of flesh whenever under pressure or stress.

And then there is Crazy Jane with 64 distinct personalities, each with their own unique superpower.

Doom Patrol is the rare program that combines both substance and style, capturing its superheroes’ innate humanity.

Special Features:

  • Unaired Scenes

  • Come Visit Georiga PSA

  • Gag Reel



The film begins almost a decade before the main plot with a rescue attempt where Woody and the gang rescue RC. The rescue is successful, but just as they are just are about to complete it, Bo Peep is taken away and given to another family.

Flash forward nine years and we find the toys in Bonnie’s room. Dolly is in charge here, leaving Woody without his usually leadership role. Furthermore, Bonnie doesn’t play with Woody a lot and has made Jessie the sheriff. Bonnie has to go to kindergarten orientation before school starts and she’s not happy about it. Woody is worried enough that he thinks a toy should go with her, but that could get Bonnie in trouble for breaking the no toys rule. Despite this, Woody goes. He even helps her during craft time by sneaking some items onto her desk. Bonnie takes the items and creates Forky. She seems to love her new creation even taking it home with her. Woody thinks it’s a job well done, until Forky comes to life.

Woody and Forky get home, but Forky isn’t handling his new life very well. He was made from a spork and he still thinks he should be treated like a spork, used once and then thrown in the trash.

What follows next is a hilarious montage of Forky trying to throw himself into the trash and Woody trying to save him, all while not getting caught moving around. Worse still, Bonnie and her family go on a week-long vacation, one last road trip before the school year officially starts. This gives Forky a lot more opportunities to throw himself away. Eventually he succeeds jumping out of the window of the RV while it is driving along a lonely road. Woody decides jump after him hoping to make it to the RV park where the family will be staying before morning.

While walking, Woody asks Forky why he wants to go to the trash. Short answer, it makes him feel warm and comfortable. Woody explains to Forky that being Bonnie’s toy gives Bonnie those same feelings and suddenly Forky gets it. Forky understands what it means to be a kid’s favorite toy and he’s excited to be that for Bonnie. The two race off to the RV park and there’s nothing that can distract them now… well, almost nothing.

Just before reaching the RV park, Woody spots something in the window of an antique store. It’s Bo Peep’s lamp, but no Bo Peep. Woody decides to investigate and Forky has no choice but to go along. They don’t find Bo Peep, but instead run into Gabby Gabby and her ventriloquist dummy army. At first she seems nice, but she quickly reveals her voice box is broken and wants Woody’s, which is sown inside of him. Woody does manage to escape, this time, but Gabby is after him and has Forky as a hostage. He needs help and soon finds a true ally, Bo Peep.

Special features include:

Bo Rebooted
Toy Stories
Audio Commentary
Let’s Ride with Ally Maki
Woody & Buzz
Anatomy of a Scene: Playground
Carnival Run
View from the Roof
Toy Box
Deleted Scenes
Trailers & Promos

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-ray & DVD September 24


The theme for this season of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” is magic. From unicorns and Fairy Godmothers to demons and shapeshifting punk rockers, season four is a wild and wacky ride for these castaways.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” has been many things in its four season run. At times it tried to be hard- edge science fiction, while other times it would try to mimic shows like the “Arrow” and “The Flash” with an off-putting balance of seriousness and campiness. Sometimes it was fun and wacky while other times it was downright cringeworthy. This season was much like what was mentioned in the previous sentence. Episodes like the season opener “The Virgin Gary” found the team of time traveling castaways landing at the original Woodstock festival only to encounter a heart-eating unicorn that bites off one of the team buffoon Gary’s nipples before being sucked through a portal to Hell. The missing nipple is an important part of the later parts of the season’s story twist.

Other episodes embrace the weird and wacky and make for the best episodes of the season. In “Tagumo Attacks!!!” the team travels to 1950s Tokyo in order to investigate a time fugitive. In a straight up homage to the early Godzilla films, the team must stop a giant octopus from ravaging the city. The monster was brought to life by the imagination of a disparate filmmaker and a magical book that brings fiction to reality. “Legends of To-Meow Meow” is a fun romp through alternate futures that finds various versions of the Legends forming for unlikely reasons after past hiccups in the timeline. With names like the Sirens of Space-Time and the Custodians of the Chronology the Legends are back in business with the cringe-worthy stuff that they seem to be good at.

This season of “Legends” added a couple of new team members to the roster with Charlie as well as Matt Ryan reprising his role as John Constantine. Charlie is the victim of a case of bad writing but also of the fans wanting Maisie Richardson-Sellers to return after her role as Amiya supposedly ended her stint on the show. As you already know, Matt Ryan reprised his role from the excellent but short-lived “Constantine” show on NBC a few seasons ago on “Arrow” and has made a few cameos on “Legends” in the past. Constantine is now a full-time member of the Legends of Tomorrow and plays prominently in the overarching story of magic creatures, spells and curses and fairy tales. While it is fine and dandy to see Matt Ryan back doing a character that he does best, he is extremely underused, severely underpowered and is a far cry from the borderline anti-hero warlock that we saw during his single season on NBC.

While he may have been underutilized this season, he did star prominently in one of the best and saddest episode of the season titled “Hell No, Dolly!”. In this episode we learn of the one time and one person that made John happy to the point of giving up his career as a master of the dark arts. He and his lover Desmond wind up in the sights of a demon lord named Neron who attached himself to Desmond and tried to send John to Hell. Having no choice, John fought against Neron and, as the only means to defeating him, sent both he and Desmond to Hell together. John tries going back in time to stop himself from meeting Desmond and in doing so causes all kinds of time chaos and we get to see a piece of John that we never expected. The rest of the episode bounced around from serial killer dolls to a mystical werewolf like creature but Constantine was definitely the star of this episode.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” has a had a rough and tumultuous beginning with some long stints of nearly unwatchable episodes but as the cast and writers began to find their way with their storytelling and as they start to wrap their heads around their characters and the long seasons of the CW shows, although this season of “Legends” was only 16 episodes, the show has a chance to make its’ strange and unique mark on the “Arrowverse”. For whatever reason, “Legends” decided to skip the annual crossover with the most likely team to be part of “Elseworlds”, they still managed to do their own alternate timeline story and save the universe from creatures of awe and wonderment.

Starring: Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Jes Macallan, Matt Ryan, Adam Tsekhman, Courtney Ford

• 2 All-New Featurettes: “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Post Production Theater” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Legendary Storytelling
• Unaired Scenes
• Gag Reel


On Blu-ray™ & DVD Flying September 17, 2019


As the third season of Supergirl came to a close, Superman had headed off to Argo, leaving Kara to be the sole protector of Earth and National City. J’onn J’onzz had quit the DEO, making Alex Danvers the new director. And James Olsen faced an indictment from the DA for his role as the vigilante Guardian.

The fourth season picks up a short time later. At the DEO, Alex is still getting used to her new role, struggling to get along with Brainy, who doesn’t follow her orders the same way that Winn used to. J’onn is trying to lead a more normal life, joining an alien support group, where he meets friend Fiona Byrne (Tiya Sircar). James gets girlfriend Lena’s help to get the indictment squashed, but is warned that if he ever picks up his Guardian shield again, he won’t get a second chance. Meanwhile, Kara meets her new CatCo mentee, green transgender reporter Nia Nal (Nicole Maines), whose wide-eyed nature and awkwardness reminds Kara of herself when she first arrived at the company.

As the second anniversary of President Marsdin’s Alien Amnesty Act approaches, there is an uprising of anti-alien sentiment. The DEO soon finds themselves trying to stop a series of alien murders perpetrated by former Cadmus members, brother and sister team Mercy (Rhona Mitra) and Otis Graves (Robert Baker). They are on mission to fuel the flames of hatred and division, and it seems to be working. They have teamed with a masked man who calls himself Agent Liberty, to help expose President Marsdin and gain many violent folks who are sympathetic to their cause. While Kara believes that the good of humanity will win in the end, this new anti-alien faction seems to have an arsenal of weapons and technology at their hands, and will stop at nothing to take her and all of the other aliens down. In addition to their violent attacks, the group is also slowly infecting the ranks of every branch of the government.

The group has weapons that can affect Kara, and so the others need to step up to take up the mantel. But will James risk being locked up for becoming the Guardian again? And while J’onn had made a decision to step down to follow a more pacifist life like his father, his increasing anger when Fiona goes missing, may push him over the edge. Especially when he teams up with Fiona’s fiance, Manchester Black (David Ajala), who’s out for vengeance. Can Agent Liberty and his Children of Liberty be stopped before they spread their hatred too far?

In its fourth season, the Supergirl writers have done a good job of keeping things moving throughout the season, instead of dragging on a single storyline or villain on for all 22 episodes.

The new additions to the cast were really good, and provide some exciting new storylines. Throughout the season there are some surprising twists and turns. We learn that there is a lot more to Nia than just the awkward young wannabe reporter that she appears to be and that she has a much greater destiny to fulfill. Kara is also faced with one of her toughest decisions in order to protect her identity and those she loves. Brainy continues to explore the range of human emotions. And throughout the first half of the season, we get teases of a Russian Supergirl clone. In the second half of the season, we finally meet the villainous Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer), and learn the truth behind this Russian Supergirl.


  • The Best of DC TV’s Comic-Con Panel San Diego 2018

  • Inside the Crossover: Elseworlds

  • Villains: Modes of Persuasion

  • Gag Reel

  • Deleted Scenes


Own it on Blu-rayTM and DVD September 10, 2019


Join Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Jack for more hunts, action, and twists with Supernatural’s Complete Fourteenth Season on Blu-ray and DVD

It’s hard to believe that it has been fourteen seasons watching Sam, Dean, Cass, and the Winchester family fighting to save the world and each other time and time again.

The season opens with Sam on the hunt for Dean and Michael, but with no real idea how to save Dean, which is a reoccurring theme throughout the season.

Things are pure chaos. Between Jack losing his grace, Dean being used as Michael’s vessel and Sam’s new role as leader of a pack of hunters. Things usually end in bloodshed on the show, but the Winchesters learn a hard lesson in season 14, that they can’t save everyone, including those they hold most dear.

One thing is always guaranteed when you watch “Supernatural,” it will be a roller coaster of emotion, and season fourteen is no different. The boys go head-to-head with angels, vamps, demons, and more. Each character finds themselves in serious danger, including when something goes terribly wrong with Jack and the boys are left scrambling to protect the world. The boys are being pulled in so many directions and have so many hard decisions to make, but they do so with the best intentions.


  • Supernatural Homecoming: Exploring Episode 300 (NEW Featurette)

  • The Winchester Mythology: The Choices We Make (NEW Featurette)

  • Supernatural: 2018 Comic-Con Panel

  • Audio Commentaries with Talent & Producers

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Gag Reel


Own The Blu-ray™ & DVD August 27, 2019


Shortly after defeating The Thinker, Barry Allen/The Flash and his wife, Iris, were stunned by the arrival of their already grown, speedster daughter from the future, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy). However, acclimating to their lives as parents won’t be the only challenge they face, as Season Five pits Team Flash against Central City’s latest scourge the DC Super-Villain Cicada (Chris Klein).

In the Fifth season we get to focus on Barry Allen’s future and the unavoidable disappearance we’d been teased on the past four years with the addition of his daughter Nora. We also are given an adversary that isn’t a speedster again, and in the form of Chris Klein’s Cicada. Both additions to the show are a little hit or miss. Klein’s villain is wonderfully written and approached but his performance is Chris Klein trying far too hard and coming off as a bit much. Its fine for the most part but chuckle-worthy frequently. Nora is a bit of the opposite as Jessica Parker Kennedy is a fine performer, but the writing fails in a bit of a Scrappy Doo style trappings. But it all works out in the end.

The rest of Team Flash each has a pretty solid personal journey/arc of their own in the season, which actually is probably the most enjoyable aspect of it. As Caitlin Snow deals with the discovery of her father being alive, Cisco contemplates whether his meta powers are worth it anymore and Ralph Dibney continues to seek his place in the team but also question his detective profession. We also are given a brand new Wells to entertain us through, in addition to an older villain getting to take part once again. While I can argue business as usual isn’t heavy hitting, The Flash’s business as usual is still pretty damn good and engaging.

The Flash continued to provide consistency with their solid programming in the fifth iteration, though hopefully it can return to delivering some bigger punches again in the future. Still, this season was able to overcome some weaker performances and continues to have one of the better team dynamics of the entire CW superhero lineup. Nonetheless, the show continues to be a charmer and is one that is well rounded, providing something for everyone.

  • The Best of DC TV’s Comic-Con Panel San Diego 2018
  • The Evolution of Killer Frost
  • Inside the Crossover: Elseworlds
  • Villains: Modes of Persuasion
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes


The CW’s Longest Running DC Series Is Back
Contains All Exhilarating Episodes from the Seventh Season,
Plus a Crossover Featurette, 2018 Comic-Con Panel, and More!
Available on Blu-ray™ & DVD August 20, 2019
Including All Three Episodes of the DC Crossover Event: Elseworlds Available Only on the Blu-Ray Set

This season starts with Oliver Green /Arrow (Steven Amell) behind bars. Having finally turned himself in to the FBI after six years of meting out vigilante justice on the streets of Star City, he now must pay the price for any and all crimes he may have committed along the way. While he’s behind bars the rest of his team, headed by Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) are left to deal with the criminals who haven’t stopped just because Arrow is out of action.

While the premise of wealthy individual turned vigilante in pursuit of justice is an old trope, Arrow adds some new dimensions to the mix. Instead of the hero being a lone wolf type, here he not only works with his own team, he also turns to other heroes in the DC universe for help in time of real need.

The Blu-ray edition of the “Season Seven” includes one of those instances with the entire three part DC superhero crossover event Elseworlds. Here Arrow joins forces with The Flash and SuperGirl to battle a threat so big it will take all their powers to defeat it. Fans of all three shows will take pleasure in being able to watch the three special episodes back to back on one disc.

While “Season Seven” features the action and adventure fans of the series have come to expect, they will also appreciate the new level of introspection the show introduces. In the build-up to its eighth and final season next year, the show dug deep into the idea of what makes a hero and what keeps them going in the face of adversity. Even when it might be easier just to walk away, Oliver and his team don’t back down, no matter the personal cost or who they’re facing.

  • The Best of DC TV’s Comic-Con Panel San Diego 2018
  • Inside the Crossover: Elseworlds
  • Villains: Modes of Persuasion
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes

Avengers: Endgame Releases on Blu-ray 8/13


Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame recently became the highest grossing film of all time, bringing in almost $1 billion domestically and almost $3 billion worldwide. This is the must-own film of the year.

Ten years of Marvel Cinematic Universe films have led to this moment, resolving the cliffhanger ending of Avengers: Infinity War and allowing some of the franchises most beloved characters to take a bow. Whether you’ve been following the entire series or only a handful of characters, there’s a little something for every fan in Avengers: Endgame, which is no doubt the secret to its Hulk-sized success.

The world is still coping with the sudden loss of half the population following Thanos’ snap. When Ant-Man returns from the quantum realm, he reunites with the surviving Avengers with a plan that involves time travelling through past MCU events to capture the Infinity Stones before Thanos ever obtained them. But when Nebula’s mechanized parts synch with the mind of the Nebula in the past, Thanos grows wise to their plan and has another trick up his sleeve to prevent them from undoing his life’s work.

The cast of lead characters includes Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Nebula (Karen Gillan), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). And those are just the leads, with secondary characters that include Spider-Man (Tom Holland), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Pepper Potts (Gwenyth Paltrow), Star Lord (Chris Pratt), and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) just to name a few. It’s the biggest cast of big name character and actors that has ever been assembled, leading to a blockbuster the likes of which may never be repeated in this lifetime.

The film offers a fun time-travel experience through some of the most memorable moments in the MCU to date, making it feel like a celebratory retrospective with tongue-in-cheek jokes. It rewards attentive fans in spades and leads to the most touching moment in the franchise, bringing Phase Three almost to a close and wrapping up the main storylines in an epic finale worthy of a standing ovation.

The Blu-Ray release has two discs, one for the feature and another disc for bonus features which are:

Disc 1

  • Play Movie with Intro (2:33) – Anthony and Joe Russo introduce the film with spoilers, so don’t choose this on your first viewing.

  • Audio Commentary (3:01:11) – The Russo Brothers are joined by Writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who reveal the inspiration behind many of their creative decisions in the film, including discussions about filming the two movies back-to-back.

Disc 2

  • Featurettes

    • Remembering Stan Lee (7:16) – Archival interviews with Stan Lee from his numerous cameos are edited together into a beautiful piece that captures the exuberance of the creator and co-creator of so many Marvel characters.

    • Setting the Tone: Casting Robert Downey Jr. (5:25) – RDJ’s risky casting is explored through interviews with the cast and creative team with retrospective footage, including his screen test.

    • A Man Out of Time: Creating Captain America (12:19) –  Kevin Feige and the crew talk about the “Backbone of the universe” and the challenges faced when bringing him to the screen, including finding the right actor to portray him.

    • Black Widow: Whatever it Takes (7:25) – Natasha Romanoff’s story is explored in this featurette with Scarlett Johansson and the creative team.

    • The Russo Brothers: Journey to Endgame (5:01) – The career of the Russo Brothers within the MCU is celebrated in this short retrospective.

    • The Women of the MCU (4:52) – The actresses of the MCU talk about the importance of having strong heroines in a male dominated genre and the moment during the final battle where the heroines unite.

    • Bro Thor (3:43) – Go behind the fat suit in this behind-the-scenes featurette about Endgame Thor, including the emotional arc of the character in this film.

  • Deleted Scenes

    • Goji Berries (0:37) – Tony and Pepper argue in the kitchen about how their alpaca is eating all her goji berries.

    • Bombs on Board (0:30) – Steve Rogers talks to Rhodie about how the tesseract is the reason he crashed in the arctic.

    • Suckiest Amy in the Galaxy (0:24) – Rocket questions why it took the Avengers so long to defeat the chitauri, who he calls the “Suckiest army in the galaxy.”

    • You Used to Frickin’ Live Here (1:10) – Rocket Raccoon and Thor argue on Asgard.

    • Tony and Howard (0:27) – An outtake from the scene where Tony Stark talks to his father in the past.

    • Avengers Take a Knee (1:42) – A touching moment where the Avengers pay their respects to their fallen friend in battle before the funeral.

  • Gag Reel (1:59) – This short blooper reel features the actors goofing off, including Chris Hemsworth rubbing the on-set Rocket Raccoon stand-in against his fat suit body and lots of Chris Evans dancing adorably.

  • Digital Exclusives (included with digital copy redemption)




Based on a true story, this biographical drama directed by Roxann Dawson follows the incident of 14-year-old John Smith (Marcel Ruiz,) who falls into a frozen Missouri lake after playing on it with friends. Now unconscious in a hospital bed, John’s adoptive parents fret about his chances of survival. But his mother Joyce Smith (Chrissy Metz) won’t give up hope and pours all her efforts and prayers into bringing her son back, as she asks God for a miracle.

BREAKTHROUGH 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Features Include:

  • A Tapestry of Miracles: Making Breakthrough
  • “Carry My Soul” Phil Wickham Deleted Scene, and Optional Audio Commentary by DeVon Franklin and Roxann Dawson
  • Trapped in Icy Waters
  • Audio Commentary by DeVon Franklin and Roxann Dawson
  • Gallery



Based on the 2013 novel by Rhidian Brook (The Killing of Butterfly Joe),The Aftermath tells the story of Rachel (Keira Knightley) and Lewis (Jason Clarke) Morgan. Lewis is a Colonel in the British Army who is stationed in Hamburg. In the winter of 1496, his wife Rachel joins him in a requisitioned mansion previously owned by Stefan Lubert (Alexander Skarsgard). Since resources and housing are scarce, Lewis offers to let Lubert and his daughter Freda (Flora Li Thiemann) stay upstairs in the home, much to Rachel’s chagrin.

Initially antagonistic towards the former homeowner and his offspring, Rachel eventually softens recognizing their mutual loss during the war her son, Michael, and his wife. As their relationship warms it eventually heats up to become a torrid affair. When Lewis confronts Rachel regarding his suspicions about the affair she comes clean and tells him she is leaving with Stefan and Freda and proclaiming that their marriage had been over for a while, since Michael’s death. However, as they are getting on the train, Rachel realizes she can’t leave Lewis and goes back to him before heading home to London.

The Aftermath Special Features

  • Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Director, James Kent
  • VFX Progressions with optional commentary by Director, James Kent
  • First Look
  • Feature Audio Commentary by Director James Kent
  • Gallery

LOST IN SPACE Season One on Digital, Blu-ray & DVD


After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fight against all odds to survive and escape, but they’re surrounded by hidden dangers.

With Earth quickly becoming an uninhabitable planet, a very few select humans are chosen to colonize another far off planet, with the hope to give humanity a fresh start. Led by the Robinson family former military man John (Toby Stephens), scientist and engineer Maureen (Molly Parker), and their kids Will (Maxwell Jenkins), Judy (Taylor Russell), and Penny (Mina Sundwell)  the expedition goes wrong, forcing the entire crew to land on a (hopefully) inhabitable planet. Once there, young Will encounters an alien robot that for some reason pledges its allegiance to him. The robot has the capacity to help the community out a great deal, but it also reveals itself to contain an incredibly dangerous power that scares the colonists, causing division and unrest. As if that weren’t enough to keep everyone busy, the planet is host to a whole bunch of huge, hungry creatures that poses a threat to the new inhabitants. When Maureen discovers that the planet is dying and will be uninhabitable in a very short time, the race is on again for everyone to regroup and figure out a way to get enough fuel to make it back to the space station. The biggest threat of all is not the creatures, the robot, or the situation everyone finds themselves in, but from one of their own: a devious and cunning doctor named Smith (Parker Posey), who will do anything it takes to survive, even if it means killing everyone else.

LOST IN SPACE Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Features Include:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • “No Place to Hide” – Colorized Unaired Pilot Episode from the Original (Blu-ray Exclusive)
  • Bill and Max: Lost and Found in Space
  • Bill Mumy Visits the Jupiter 2
  • Designing the Robot
  • Sizzle Reel




The film follows a squadron of Polish pilots fighting under the Royal Air Force after Poland was quickly felled between German and Russian forces. As Great Britain grows more desperate for pilots to hold back the Nazis, the Polish pilots are even more desperate to do all they can just for the idea of an independent Poland to stand on its own again. The British and Polish struggle to work together at first with all the racial tension, but equipped with the Hurricane airplane and a lot of courage they were fight together and save the future of their countries. Starring Iwan Rheon (Jan Zumbach ‘Donald’), Milo Gibson (John Kent ‘Kentowski’), and Stefanie Martini (Phyllis Lambert), the film is currently available in select theaters and streaming services.

Starring: Iwan Rheon and Milo Gibson

Special Features:

  • Q&A with Director David Blair

  • On Set with Iwan Rheon “Zumbach”

  • On Set with Milo Gibson “Kent”

  • On Set with Rosie Gray “Georgia”

  • On Set with Stefanie Martini “Phyllis”

  • On Set with Emily Wyatt “Kate”

The Kid Who Would Be King Arrives on 4K Ultra-HD, Blu-ray and DVD


The epic tale of the sword and stone meets the modern world in this family-friendly adventure, The Kid Who Would Be King, from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Alex thinks he’s just another nobody, getting bullied at school and told what to do by his teachers, until he stumbles upon the mythical Sword in the Stone, Excalibur. Now, with the help of the legendary wizard Merlin, he must unite his friends and school yard enemies into an allied band of knights to defeat the wicked enchantress Morgana. With the future at stake, Alex must become the great leader he never dreamed he could be and save the world.


  • Deleted Scenes
  • Origins of a King
  • Young Knights
  • Hair, Makeup & Costume Tests
  • Merlin’s Magic (x4)
  • *Knight School
  • *The Two Merlins
  • *Meet Morgana
  • *Movie Magic
  • *“Be the King”, Lay Lay Music Video



Set in early-1970s Harlem, If Beale Street Could Talk is a timeless and moving love story of both a couple’s unbreakable bond and the African-American family’s empowering embrace, as told through the eyes of 19-year-old Tish Rivers (KiKi Layne). A daughter and wife-to-be, Tish vividly recalls the passion, respect and trust that have connected her and her artist fiancé Alonzo Hunt, who goes by the nickname Fonny (Stephan James).

Friends since childhood, the devoted couple dream of a future together but their plans are derailed when Fonny is arrested for a crime he did not commit. Through the unique intimacy and power of cinema, If Beale Street Could Talk honors the author’s prescient words and imagery, charting the emotional currents navigated in an unforgiving and racially biased world as the filmmaker poetically crosses time frames to show how love and humanity endure.

Special Features Include (Digital, Blu-ray™ & DVD):

  • Deleted scenes

  • Featurette:

    • If Beale Street Could Talk: Poetry in Motion

  • Audio Commentary by Barry Jenkins

Krypton: The Complete First Season


DC Entertainment presents a new look at the mythology of Superman and his lineage with Krypton. The show’s complete first season is now available on Blu-ray. Already renewed for a second season, Krypton explores the lives of Superman’s ancestors on a planet that seems to be doomed for destruction.

Premiering on the SyFy Network in March 2018, DC’s Krypton was a new take on the Superman mythology exploring the mainstay hero’s early ancestry but with a bit of a twist. Similar to Gotham for Batman, fans see the events on planet Krypton before the planet’s destruction and the life of the House of El before the birth of the future Superman, aka Clark Kent, in Kal-El. However, things get a wrench thrown into the mix with time travel elements.

Set 200 years before Superman’s birth, Krypton begins with the disgrace and embarrassment for House El. Krypton is an isolated planet in its galaxy, run by a tyrannical theocracy, headed up by a religious figure head, The Voice of Rao. The great grandfather of Superman, Val-El, was seen as a traitor and heretic for presenting his findings to the Kryptonian government and is sentenced to execution, making the rest of his family lose their rank, title and nobility.

14 years later, and Val-El’s grandson, Seg-El, and his parents are scraping by a meager living among the destitute “Rankless” population of Krypton. However, with the scheming Gilded nobility, the dissident rebellion that is Black Zero, Krypton is a powder keg that is on the verge of blowing up. Also, there’s the knowledge of a threat from the future in the malevolent super-computer Braniac and a space-faring time traveler who calls himself Adam Strange. Thanks to Adam Strange’s help, Seg-El learns his grandfather was right about the oncoming threat about Braniac, who seeks to wipe out life on Krypton to prevent the birth of Superman, which could have grave consequences for the fate of Earth and the rest of the universe when you think about it.

The series definitely makes the most out of its premise. It definitely makes the most out of exploring the mythology and lore around Krypton. It’s not a subject matter that really gets covered a lot in film and TV.

It definitely appears the writers throw in a few twists with the time travel aspect. Due to the time travel, it creates more doubt around what will take place or what is supposed to take place. Case in point, Adam Strange has traveled back in time with Superman’s cape.

Also, another major DC and Superman rogue is present in the story from the future in the from of Dru-Zod, played by Colin Salmon. Salmon is an incredibly underrated talent, and he definitely brings something interest to the table as Zod. It definitely plays up the more pragmatic side of Zod, while an enemy of Superman, someone who is desperate to save its home world and prevent its destruction. It actually presents an interesting dilemma when this comes to light in the story. What would some benevolent Kryptonians do when confronted with the reality of Krypton’s fate? Strange is there to save Superman. But what if saving Krypton means preventing the birth of Superman? What if the only way to make Superman born is to condemn Krypton and the lives of millions of innocents to its fate? Those are the more interesting conflicts and aspects for the first season of the show.

The romances for the show are a little on the melodramatic side. In the world of the show, Krypton is a very organized society, where it seems the government decides everything for you in terms of your rank, social status, and even who you marry and start a family with. People are not allowed to choose who they essentially wed. Having a child is also as simple as getting your DNA sampled out of your fingertip in a lab. But Seg-El has a forbidden romance with his longtime love, Lyta-Zod. So yeah, the show takes the conflict of the Zod and Superman relationship a few steps further by making their ancestors star-crossed lovers.

While I definitely have some doubts about how long Krypton can maintain its story through its run with all the time travel elements, the show has been compelling enough to keep me wanting to tune in for more and see what will ultimately befall Superman’s ancestors.

The show does offer a lot of intrigue regarding the current state of Krypton. It appears the planet is already in bad shape at the start of the series. It’s stopped rotating, making it quite chaotic. The humanoid population is forced to live in underground compounds or domed cities. It appears at the start of the show, Krypton is very much a world in decline, so its doomed fate seems inevitable.



•Krypton : 2017 Comic – Con Panel

•Krypton : Bringing the Home World to Life

•A Lost Kingdom: Life on Krypton

•Gag reel

•Deleted Scenes



2.House of El

3.The Rankless Initiative

4.The Word of Rao

5.House of Zod

6.Civil Wars


8.Savage Night


10.The Phantom Zone

Bohemian Rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody is the story of Queen and their dynamic frontman, the late-great Freddie Mercury. Produced with a lot of input, and costume and prop contributions from Queen’s Brian May & Roger Taylor, the film attempts a look at Queen from the beginning, to their performance at Live Aid in July 1985, called by many the best rock performance of all time.

A lot has been said about the quality of Bohemian Rhapsody as a film, and as the story of Mercury’s life. The consensus by most critics seems to be that it lets Mercury down, and Taylor and May were given far too much input into the story, leading to an idealized version of themselves, and a shortfall in portraying the realities of Mercury’s life. Meanwhile, the general public has embraced the film, leading to a worldwide gross of over $840 million. Something we usually only see for superheroes or other huge action films these days. Star Rami Malek has won Golden Globes, BAFTAs, Oscar and more for his phenomenal portrayal of Mercury, and the film itself won the Golden Globe for Best Picture.

Director: Bryan Singer
Writers: Anthony McCarten, Peter Morgan, Stephen J. Rivele, Christopher Wilkinson
Starring: Rami Malek, Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee, Joseph Mazzello, Allen Leech, Lucy Boynton
Producers: Robert De Niro, Graham King, Brian May, Jane Rosenthal, Roger Taylor, Bryan Singer

Powerful Performance by Viola Davis in Widows


Adapted from the 1983 British TV mini-series, Widows is set against the backdrop of present-day Chicago. The film opens with a heist gone wrong. Harry Rawlings (Liam Neeson) and his crew are blown up in a van while trying to steal a few million dollars, which belonged to drug dealer-turned-politician Jamal Manning (Brian Tyree Henry).

Jamal Manning is running for local office and is going head-to-head with Jack Mulligan (Colin Farrell), a wealthy man whose racist father (Robert Duvall) doesn’t approve of some of his son’s choices. The political themes come through as Jamal and Jack use their own strategies to win votes.

When Jamal realizes he’s lost $2 million due to the heist going bad, he sends his sadistic brother Jatemme (Daniel Kaluuya) to do the dirty work. Jamel pays a visit to Harry’s widow, Veronica (Viola Davis), and tells her she only has one month to come up with $2 million. We are then taken into her world through flashbacks. The intimate moments between Harry and Veronica hint at a world of pain that they suffered, and we are only privy to some of their secrets at this point.

When Veronica finds Harry’s book filled with details of his heists, including a new one that would bring in $5 million, she contacts the widows of Harry’s former accomplices to plan the heist. We are introduced to Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), who was abused by her husband; Linda (Michelle Rodriguez), a mother of two whose husband was a gambler; and Amanda (Carrie Coon), who stays out of the scheme for her own reasons.

They also bring in Belle (Cynthia Erivo), a part-time babysitter who shows she has the street smarts to be a part of their plan. Using Harry’s book, the widows plan a heist that no one sees coming.

Bonus Blu-ray features include:

60 minutes of additional content, including behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the cast and crew, and filming on set.


Widows Unmasked

A Chicago story

Assembling the Crew:Production
The Scene of the Crime Locations
Plotting the Heist

The Story



Intimate Portrayal of an American Icon

First Man is based on the book First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong by James R. Hansen. First Man opens in 1961 with Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) as a test pilot for NASA. A humble, quiet man, Armstrong was facing difficulty at work and heartbreak at home. He had several high profile crashes that worried his superiors. His beloved two-year-old daughter, Karen, had an inoperable brain tumor. Neil and his wife, Janet (Claire Foy), held their family together during her sickness. Karen’s tragic death devastated the Armstrong family. In 1962, Neil was chosen to be an astronaut in Project Gemini. The mission was to successfully rendezvous a manned capsule with an orbiting spacecraft. The Armstrongs jumped at the chance to start anew. But the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States was distinctly in the Communists favor. NASA chartered a bold new mission, Project Apollo; with a goal to land an astronaut on the moon’s surface by the decade’s end. The astronomical effort was fraught with horrific tragedy and setbacks. During this time, Neil Armstrong had proven to be supremely capable under dire circumstances. He is chosen to command Apollo 11, the lunar mission. Janet is terrified of the risk, but Neil was resolutely driven by the memory of his daughter. First Man is ten years in the life of Neil Armstrong. It’s a fascinating character study of a great man stricken by grief.

Directed by Damien Chazelle.

Starring:  Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Christopher Abbott, Patrick Fugit, Ciaran Hinds, Ethan Embry, Olivia Hamilton, Lukas Haas, Shea Whigham, Corey Stoll, Brian d’Arcy James, Cory Michael Smith, J.D. Evermore, John David Whalen, Kris Swanberg, Skyler Bible, Ben Owen, William Gregory Lee, Steven Coulter, Shawn Eric Jones, Brady Smith, Gavin Warren, Luke Winters, and Pablo Schreiber.


  • Deleted Scenes
  • Shooting for the Moon – Take an intimate look at the production of FIRST MANand the collaborative relationship between Director Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling.
  • Preparing to Launch – It’s difficult to believe that FIRST MANis the first major feature film to tell the journey of Apollo 11. Hear from Director Damien Chazelle and his cast why now is the time to tell the story of this historic event.
  • Giant Leap in One Small Step – A heroic character study, FIRST MANsheds light on all the hard working individuals that got us to the moon and back.
  • Mission Gone Wrong – Watch as Ryan Gosling reenacts a test piloting sequence gone terribly wrong. Go behind the scenes to see how he trained to nail the landing, performing the majority of his own stunts.
  • Putting You In the Seat – Through the use of innovative technology, most of FIRST MANwas shot in-camera. Take an in-depth look behind the lens of this epic film.
  • Recreating the Moon Landing– Filmed in IMAX to show the vastness of the moon, find out all that it took to recreate the most famous moment in NASA history.
  • Shooting at NASA – Hear from Ryan Gosling and Director Damien Chazelle on how shooting at NASA brought unparalleled authenticity to FIRST MAN.
  • Astronaut Training – Go behind the scenes of the three day boot camp each of the actors underwent prior to filmingFIRST MAN.
  • Feature Commentary with Director Damien Chazelle, Screenwriter Josh Singer and Editor Tom Cross

Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack on January 1


Red Vs. Blue follows two groups of soldiers in the distant future who are battling for control of the least desirable piece of real estate in the known universe: a box canyon in the middle of nowhere.

“The passionate fan base of Red vs. Blue is one of the main reasons why it is the longest running web-series on the internet,” said Joe Nicolosi, Director of Red vs. Blue. “We’re thrilled to offer up a new cosmically crazy adventure with these colorful characters for all of our fans – new and old.”

In Red Vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox, a simple trip out for pizza ends with the Reds and Blues scattered and lost in time. Their ridiculous adventures in history inadvertently make them pawns in a war between Gods and Titans, which has been raging since before the dawn of time.

The Red Vs. Blue franchise, which is based on the best-selling Xbox video game Halo, has had over one billion total views online with over one million DVDs sold. The Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack and digital release are jam-packed with bonus features including behind-the-scenes, director/writer commentary and crew photos.

I really enjoyed The Shisno Paradox it left me looking forward to the next installment in this series. Fans of the series will love it and if you’re a newcomer to the series you can jump right in.

The Oath arrives on Digital 12/28 and DVD 1/8


‘The Oath’ : Tiffany Haddish and Ike Barinholtz Face a Divided America at the Dinner Table on Thanksgiving.

The Oath is a satirical political comedy.

The United States government has put into place the “loyalty oath” for the population to sign. It becomes a major point of contention for the country. If you sign it, you get “perks” and if you don’t… well, you could be taken away by the newly created Citizens Protection Unit (CPU) and never be heard from or seen again. The government claims you won’t necessarily be penalized for not signing, but the implication is that you’re not a patriot if you don’t.

The movie centers around Chris (Ike Barinholtz), a seemingly well-off man living with his wife, Kai (Tiffany Haddish) and their daughter in the suburbs of somewhere. Chris is always irate about the news, but there’s an addiction to it as well. He wants to constantly be in the know, even if it drives up his blood pressure and tests the patience of his family. His views don’t exactly coincide with the ideas of his family, which includes his brother, Pat (Jon Barinholtz), mother and father (Nora Dunn and Chris Ellis), and Pat’s girlfriend, Abbie (Meredith Hagner). The only person he gets along with in his family is his sister, Alice (Carrie Brownstein). But as the deadline to sign the loyalty oath approaches, which is right around Thanksgiving, and it becomes harder and harder to not discuss politics at the family dinner.

Then, on Thanksgiving Day, there’s a knock at the door. Two agents from the “CPU,” an upstart division within Homeland Security, want to question Chris based on a complaint that he attempted to persuade someone from signing the oath. John Cho and Billy Magnussen play the agents with a good cop-bad cop dynamic, Cho attempting to keep the peace while Magnussen constantly baits with partisan talking points. Chris refuses to be questioned and the agents refuse to leave, and so it begins and everything takes a turn for the worse.

Director: Ike Barinholtz
Writer: Ike Barinholtz
Starring: Ike Barinholtz, Tiffany Haddish, Jon Barinholtz, Nora Dunn, Carrie Brownstein, Chris Ellis, Meredith Hagner, Billy Magnussen, John Cho, Jay Duplass.


  • Deleted Scenes
  • “Fake News or Facts” Featurette
  • “Turkey Day Trauma” Featurette
  • Photo Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

Halloween is currently available on Digital HD, and it will be available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on January 15!


It’s been nearly a decade since we last saw Michael Myers grace the silver screen in Halloween. But unfortunately it lacks all the suspense, frightening scares, terror from the 1978 original.
Halloween 2018, picks up forty years after the infamous events that took place in 1978 when Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) narrowly escaped with her life after her encounter with the deranged masked serial killer Michael Myers. A team of investigative journalists decide to dig deep into the case and venture to Haddonfield on the eve of the 40th anniversary of these tragic events. Meanwhile, Laurie has spent the last four decades preparing for Michael’s inevitable escape, at great cost to her personal life. Her reclusive nature and lingering trauma have strained her relationship with her daughter Karen (Judy Greer), who is trying to keep her own daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) away from her grandmother. Unfortunately, Laurie’s worst fears are realized and Michael once again manages to escape and he’s got decades worth of blood lust to get out of his system. The Strode family will have to come together in order to survive the night, leading to a long-awaited rematch between Laurie and Michael.

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Will Patton, Nick Castle, Andi Matichak, Omar J. Dorsey.

Bonus features with deleted & extended scenes include:

  • Back in Haddonfield: Making Halloween
  • The Original Scream Queen
  • The Sound of Fear
  • Journey of the Mask
  • The Legacy of Halloween



The movie kicks off with a Predator crash-landing on Earth. An unlucky soldier by the name of Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) who was just doing his job happens to witness the whole thing. He rightfully assumes nobody will believe him and decides to secure some proof. That turns out to be a decision that comes with consequences. His young son, who suffers from Asperger’s, gets his hands on the alien gear and that leads the fight straight to the suburbs. All the while, a mysterious government body is very interested in what the Predators can teach us and what it is they want with our planet. It turns out that the already lethal hunters have been genetically upgrading themselves with DNA from other species. Now, it’s up to McKenna and a group of battle-hardened and eccentric soldiers to save the day.
Starring: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen and Sterling K. Brown.

The Predator Digital, 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ & DVD SPECIAL FEATURES

  • Deleted Scenes
  • A Touch of Black
  • Predator Evolution
  • The Takedown Team
  • Predator Catch-Up
  • Gallery

Sharp Objects


This psychological Drama is based on the book of the same name by Gillian Flynn and is created for HBO specifically by Marti Noxon and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.

The series also has some parallels to Big Little Lies and True Detective in terms of its formula, where it shows key events from the past that links to the present plus a sprinkle of Twin Peaks thrown in for good measures. As a result, it makes for some great problem solving by the viewer and really adds to the overall atmosphere of this dark and at times disturbing drama.

The story is definitely worth watching, it revolves around newspaper reporter Camille Preaker (Amy Adams) who is an alcoholic and also spent time in a psychiatric hospital for self-harm which probably made things worse for her.

However when her home town of Wind Gap suffers the grisly murders of two teenage girls, her editor Frank (Miguel Sandoval) sends her back home in order to write a story about how this affecting the town much to her disdain. Frank also hopes this might set her on the right path again and without alcohol.

With that said, this catalyst was sparked by the death of her sister that has led Camille down a dark and lonely road, particularly that she has lost the love of her mother and socialite Adora (Patricia Clarkson). Clarkson plays this damaged and unlikable character very well and needless to say, just about everyone in this town has their own demons that all cross paths with the main characters.

Another key character is Detective Richard Willis (Chris Messina) who has been sent to the town of Wind Gap from Kansas City in order to help the local and perhaps incompetent authorities in solving the murders of these young girls. Like Camille, this character has his own secrets as does her family like her step-father Alan (Henry Czerny) and half-sister Emma (Eliza Scanlen) .

I only can recommended this 8-episode TV series.

Cast: Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina, Eliza Scanlen and Matt Craven.