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Bellabeat - Beautiful Smart Jewelry

Leaf Urban is a health tracker that is able to predict stress based on your lifestyle habits. It monitors your activity, sleep, reproductive health and alerts you to oncoming stress while guided breathing and meditation exercises help you relax. Leaf has a new elegant geometric design made from a water-resistant wood composite and stainless steel.
Founded in 2014, Bellabeat, top 5 Y-COMBINATOR company in W14 class, creates beautiful, innovative products that help women easily track their overall health and wellness, and get connected to their body and mind throughout different stages in life. Bellabeat helps create a better, healthier lifestyle by bringing intuitive wellness tools to women, encouraging them to take care of their health and to be informed. Bellabeat has always been inspired by the beauty and power of nature, which is incorporated into all of their products.
For more information visit www.bellabeat.com

Rose Gold Plated dual heart shapped Pendant

Description: Couponmachine the latest rose gold heart pendants on the world's largest Coupon site.This Rose Gold Plated dual heart shapped pendant is embellished with fine stones. This pendant will add spark to overall look and provide you unique and beautiful look in every time and attract to every one in a Party, Marriage , Fashion show and any function you will attend.
Price: $549.00

The Turquoise Dragon

Description: This gorgeous necklace is suitable for men and women. This piece measures 15" in length & fully adjustable, it is a great piece to wrap for more style and it is a great piece to layer with. The pendant is 1.5" x .75" dragon. Antiqued with a turquoise wash and stroked with gold for a stand out look. It hangs on a thick gold chain with turquoise cord weaved through the chain. The dragon represents protection, power and happiness. A great gift for men or women.
Price: $45.00

Beautiful Custom Dress Black and White neoprene by Alon Livne

Since the age of 17, Alon Livné has worked in premiere luxury European houses to become Israel’s most prestigious fashion designer, having trained at Alexander McQueen in London and Roberto Cavalli in Florence. Before branching out on his own, Alon won first prize in the Israeli version of “Project Runway”. His stunning designs were televised country-wide and celebrated by the media at large. This coveted achievement resulted in national high demand for Alon’s elaborate, sculptural work infused with couture details and exquisite handwork.

SoulKix - Fun, Comfortable and Lightweight

SoulKix is a brand that celebrates the chill, relaxed life while supporting anyone who wants to express who they are by creating their own custom kix. SoulKix has a vision that expands in an effort to bring their unique shoes to individuals no matter where they might be.
Soles4Souls was founded as a disaster relief organization after philanthropists and shoe executives provided footwear to those most impacted by The Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
Soles4Souls was officially formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2006. They continue to act as second-wave responders providing footwear and clothing to those in need during times of disaster.
Since 2006 Soles4Souls has collected and distributed 26 million pairs of new shoes to those in need in 127 countries around the world and all 50 states in the U.S. Every day children are prevented from attending school, adults are unable to work. Walking becomes unbearable. A new pair of shoes provides relief today so thousands can succeed tomorrow. Their micro-enterprise model provides entrepreneurs the ability to start small businesses by providing a steady supply of high-quality, low-cost product; a powerful and sustainable way for people to lift­ themselves and their families out of poverty.
Create you own Soulfix:
Soulkix makes creating custom branded shoes easy, saving time and energy that can be spent elsewhere. Custom branded shoes can be created online in 4 easy steps.
Choose your color and layout. Soulkix offers three color bases, black, white, or black and white. Additionally, you can choose three types of layouts for the image to appear on the shoe. There is split image, mirror image, or two separate images.
Upload an image. Most any image can be uploaded through the website for custom shoes with a simple click of a button. For best results, choose an image with a high resolution. When choosing the two separate image layout, multiple files can be uploaded.
Select your size and quantity. Soulkix custom shoes are currently available in adult sizes. You can choose your own quantity, or order the same design in multiple sizes.
Order the custom branded shoes online. After all options have been set, choose the “add to cart” button. A preview of the shoes will be available in the cart. Select payment and shipping, and your custom branded shoes will be delivered shortly.
With the ability to upload any image, the possibilities are endless. Popular branding ideas include a logo, slogan, or mascot. Other options are promotional messages, a photograph of an employee or team, an event advertisement, or a featured product. Check out these shoes created by some of our customers:
Branded merchandising works, and custom shoes are fun and easy way to do it. Take the ideas in your head and make them a reality today. Let Soulkix help you to create your own custom branded shoes online.
To learn more go to https://soles4souls.org/


Another great product that really works and keeps your skin protected and cool.
Ice Rays UV Protective and cooling arm sleeves are the must have sun safe accessory to avoid excess sun exposure. With no seams and ARPANSA tested to provide SPF 50+ protection, the Ice Rays UV Sleeves are fast growing in popularity with both professional and amateur sports people. Ice Rays were created to provide a solution to wearing hot and sweaty long sleeve shirts to exercise in on hot summer days. Other benefits include being able to stay in the sun for longer periods of time and not having to apply sunscreen to the arms. Anne Rollo of Anne Rollo Golf Schools says “I recommend Ice Rays to all my students and I enjoy not having to wear sunscreen on my arms.” Working with Australian swimming champion, world record breaker and Sydney Olympian Rebecca Brown, and Australian Swim Coach, Zane King, we discovered the Ice Rays also reduce lactic acid build-up, increase circulation and reduce muscle vibration during intense exercise.
Ice Rays:
SPF 50+
Cools body temperature without over cooling the muscles
Seam free
Moisture wicking fabric
Contains anti-bacterial agents
Reduces lactic acid build-up
Increases circulation
Supports muscles and reduces muscle vibration
Reduces muscle trauma and soreness
Ice rays come in a large range of colours including skin, black, white, grey, pink, violet, mint, blue, navy and charcoal.
Available from www.icerays.com.au and stockists across Australia. RRP $29.95

Little Black Dress Event

The Las Vegas Fashion Council hosted its 3rd Annual Little Black Dress Event on November 17 at Saks Fifth Avenue inside Fashion Show, that featured a Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Show, along with a Little Black Dress design competition by students from the Art Institute.

The student of the best black dress design received $500 grant toward their education. The event included a raffle, live entertainment, a selection of food and beverage and swag bags for the first 100 guests.

This year’s event benefited the Las Vegas Fashion Council and Friends of Shade Tree.

About The LVFC:
A passion for fashion, philanthropy and community
The Las Vegas Fashion Council is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose membership consists of fashion professionals, students, emerging artists, community leaders, philanthropists and organizations that have a desire to diversify and expand the Las Vegas economy through the efforts of the fashion industry.
Vision: Las Vegas is an established leader in the global fashion industry
Mission: To advance the Las Vegas fashion industry and expand the economy by cultivating relationships between fashion professionals, students, emerging artists, community leaders and organizations.
Purpose and Objectives:
Diversify the Las Vegas economy through the fashion industry
Further the position of the Las Vegas Fashion industry to an internationally recognized level
Build and expand fashion manufacturing as part of the Las Vegas fashion industry
Bring in a nationally recognized educational branch of the fashion industry
Be the source for exposure and support for our members and businesses within the fashion industry through a series of events, presentations, award ceremonies, networking events and educational presentations
Create initiatives that raise awareness and funds to support students and emerging artists in the fashion industry
Inform consumers and industry leaders about the cultural and economic importance of a strong fashion industry within Las Vegas
Promote and improve public understanding and appreciation of the Fashion arts as a recognized branch of art and culture
Be the portal of information, resources and connections within the fashion industry
Generate funds and accept corporate and private contributions for charitable and philanthropic initiatives and industry activities
Garner support from local, state and national government agencies, philanthropists and community leaders


About the Shade Tree:
Helping Women, Children and Pets
To provide safe shelter to homeless and abused women and children in crisis and to offer life-changing services promoting stability, dignity, and self-reliance And we accomplish this by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of community partners and donors. Self-reliance for every woman and child! That no one should ever have to endure a state of homelessness, existing in fear for personal safety and without the means to meet even the most basic of human needs – food and shelter. That every human being, regardless of social status, has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. That all homeless children are victims because they lack choice and mobility. That homelessness is a community problem that impacts everyone. That everyone can be a part of the solution.

Project Runway, Lingerie and World Domination Close Out An Intense Night of Show in New York Fashion Week

Style Fashion Week New York wrapped up on Saturday, September 10th with consistently impressive fashion shows. Opening the final night were Native American designers Orlando Dugi and Patricia Michaels who brought culture and heritage to the runway. The artistic designs by Orlando Dugi showed unique artwork and captivating silhouettes. Following were the ornamental ensembles from Project Runway alumni Patricia Michaels’ PM Waterlily collection, which featured her own original hand-dyed fabrics and entrancing textures. Guests were fascinated by each new piece that paraded down the runway, leaving them wondering what was going to come next.
Next were the lively designs from two children’s wear designers, Janay Deann and Ydamys Simo. The audience remained enthusiastic throughout the entire show, as Janay Deann’s vibrant formal couture designs illuminated the runway. Ydamys Simo’s designs were a sharp contrast, bringing a playful mood to the venue, as models came out in bold and ornate handcrafted playwear.
The highly anticipated closing show of the week brought an interesting mix of distinct styles to a packed house at Hammerstein Ballroom. The first to show was Japanese designer Akiyo Hirakubo of Bradelis New York, a sultry yet ethereal lingerie line featuring enchanting and sophisticated pieces. Danny Nguyen’s ready-to-wear spring/summer collection took to the runway next, showing off a range of all white and gold exquisite designs. The models sported elegant, gold lace arm pieces. The final designer to close out Style Fashion Week, Adrian Alicea, put on a performance to remember from start to finish, with his “World Domination” line, featuring racy and seductive lingerie, underwear for men and women’s dresses.
Style Fashion Week New York brought in a total of 20,000 guests over three days for 18 different designers. Thank you to all of our designers, sponsors, team, guests and media who joined us for an exciting week of fashion.

Style Fashion Week Reaches New Heights During New York Fashion Week With a Bold Move to The Manhattan Center

Style Fashion Week took over the Manhattan Center on Thursday, September 8th for a myriad of spring/summer '17 fashion shows to commence New York Fashion Week. Their runway shows were exclusive and designers were able to translate their inspiration to the audience through bold creativity and ingenuity. The opening show was FGI’s Rising Star Award Winner, Malan Breton, showcasing his Taiwanese inspired collection complete with an grandiose performance accompanied by an orchestra, Frankie Grande, Kelsey Grammar and reality television star NeNe Leakes closing out the show with his final piece.
Next to show was luxury women’s wear designer Kalisha Hall showing off her women empowerment inspired brand, K. RaShaé, Nikki Lund’s resort wear line and Dextrose by Dexter Simmons. The final show of the night was an enigmatic, interactive performance of Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy’s streetwear collection, which challenged all of the rules of traditional fashion.
With the help of an incredible team, Style Fashion Week New York presented a night to remember, complete with official press parties for each designer held after the individual shows. Thank you to our designers, sponsors, team and all of the guests and media who joined us.


Sun Protective Active Wear for Swim and Sports, Chlorine Proof UPF 50+ sun protection.
This by far the best swim & active wear ever!
We received the Hydro Chic Wrap Swim Shirt and Pants and tried them out on our recent trip where sun protection is necessary. After being on the beach all day, bike riding and kayaking I must say it's working I didn't even get a sunburn which is usually the case having fair skin. This line is also very stylish and comfortable it quickly dries after being in the ocean or in the pool. Also, it is easy to wash and rinse. The complete line features more than 100 styles including: short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless tops, versatile swim skirts and shorts, pants and swim dresses, as well as coordinating silhouettes that transition from beach to gym to boardwalk, including mix and match leggings, capris, bike shorts, light weight jackets and sun dresses.
HydroChic styles range from $29.50 - $90 and are available at select stores throughout the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Israel, and online at www.hydrochic.com.

About HydroChic:
In 2006, HydroChic was conceived out of an epiphany, a vision that literally flashed before us one hot summer day. The inspiration came from many of you mothers, sisters, daughters and friends who, like us, were out there donning men’s t-shirts and night shirts over our traditional bathing suits for sun or body coverage. On that day, watching women on the beach wearing those sloppy t-shirts, we realized that there was something missing in the market and we felt there had to be a better coverage solution. We asked ourselves what we would like to wear while swimming and went from there. Hi, we Daniella Teutsch and Sara Wolf, are the co-founders of HydroChic, Smart UV Swimwear, designed for swim and sport.
We spent time researching fabrics, learning how to create and set up a business (no easy feat for two former educators and mothers), where to sell and most important- creating prototypes of styles that we felt were right. We went to drawing board and drew up designs for our first tops and bottoms that we took to a manufacturer. By the summer of 2007 we were selling our HydroChic tops and bottoms to women around the world. Our dream was now a reality and the reign of the sloppy t-shirt came to an end. One of our goals was to make sure that every women, whatever her size and shape, would find in HydroChic, smart options that would speak to her. Initially, we were met with skepticism. The concept of women wearing items that looked like active wear and that were made for swimming was met with strange looks. Despite these reactions, we felt that there was a need for what we were offering and we forged ahead, determined to fulfill our dream, and today, thousands of garments and happy customers later, we can truly say that we have designed a line that resonates with women across the country and globe!

The LIVE Fashion Show at the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience

The LIVE Fashion Show at the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience presented the latest golf apparel & accessories live on the runway. From outerwear & uniforms to shoes & accessories, the Fashion Show was a great way to see the latest trends & lines from both leading & up-and-coming brands!

2016 Participating Brands Callaway Golf Apparel ClubWear Daily Sports Kevan Hall Sports Longball Inc. Movêtes Nivo Sport Straight Down Clothing Co Travis Mathew Apparel Under Armour Wellness Interactive Inc.

J Grace & Co's Little Black Box

It's always the perfect time to treat yourself and J Grace & Co offers the opportunity to do so every month! For a modest price as low as $32/month, J Grace & Co delivers style and luxury right to your door. Subscribers receive a piece of .925 Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, or Rose Gold Vermeil jewelry from the J Grace & Co Designer Collection. Their line is unparelleled with the fashion jewelry world as there is no denying how chic they come. The joining process is also fun and easy! Customers first choose their ring size then select their preferred metal color: sterling silver, gold or rose gold vermeil. Then, they choose a subscription duration. www.littleblackbox.jgraceandco.com


OPHELIA SONG, Models wearing fashion by designer Ophelia Song walks the runway during Style Fashion Week, LA on March 19, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

More Photos from the Ophelia Song Fashion Show can be viewed at http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1228095

CNN iReport


COCO JOHNSEN Models wearing fashion by designer Coco Johnsen walks the runway during Style Fashion Week, LA at The Reef on March 19, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

The commitment of the Coco Johnsen brand is to consistently introduce luxurious and stylish collections of clothing and accessories to the marketplace. Inspired by such powerful iconography as Diana Ross in Mahogany and the well proportioned aesthetic of Oscar de la Renta, Coco has centered her designs around her personal ideology of inner strength and outward beauty, which should never be considered mutually exclusive. Coco Johnsen was born in North Carolina a child of the foster care system. After being discovered as a model while riding the subway in New york she modeled for several fashion magazines including Playboy, Glamour, Essence, Swedish Elle to name a few .Having traveled the world from Stockholm to Tokyo as model, Flight Attendant, actress and now designer, Coco Johnsen has acquired a distinctive take on how the modern woman dresses. Her love of powerful femininity, with more than a generous nod to Romanticism, is evident in the timelessly elegant gowns,colorful cocktail dresses and suits that comprise her signature and ready to wear lines. Coco Johnsen attended F.I.D.M. design school in Los Angeles and her collections are designed in her downtown Los Angeles atelier, a made in the USA brand, utilizing only the finest of exotic fabrics, trims and materials.

Coco Johnsen debuted her signature line at Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week, Spring/Summer '08 Collections. She currently designs one collection per year and will appear on 24 Hour Catwalk for Life Time Television from the producers of Project Runway. Coco Johnsen will open her first flag ship store in 2015 in Los Angeles, C.A. with collection pieces available at boutiques world wide. More Photos from the Coco Johnson Fashion Show can be viewed at http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1228093

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Kinsman Swim debuted another impeccable runway show for the ninth season of Style Fashion Week. The show was held on Thursday, March 19th at 8 p.m at the Reef in downtown Los Angeles.

Kinsman brought even more this season, revealing new collections with a Southern California feel and additionally introduced its vibrant new line of of Kini Bands, hair accessories made from bikini strings. New textures and patterns with exotic accessories took the runway by storm. The brand is pleased with the outcome and to be showcased alongside designers like Ophelia Song, Coco Johnsen, Tatiana Shabelnik Versa Swimwear, Latrosdectus Lingerie, and the Celebrity Red Dress fashion show benefiting The American Red Cross.

Kinsman Swim founder, Joanna Kinsman delivered another exceptional show, highlighting looks for 2015 Resort Season. The collection received so much buzz and positive reviews from designers, press, models, volunteers, bloggers, attendees, and fans.  The brand teamed up with various accessory designers in order to bring designer Joanna Kinsman's vision to life in this BoHo Luxe runway look: Hovey Lee, LovMely, Sailwinds Trading Company (a brand from Kinsman's home state of Maine), and Sassy Cassy; all contributed to the model's looks to accompany the Kinsman Swim collections.

When asked about the result of the runway show, Kinsman gushed, "this was the first runway I've been a little nervous about. Until the fitting, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull this off, as I was showing quite a diverse range, and wasn't entirely sure how it would play out with my styling choice until I saw it all come together the day before. I'm ecstatic that it looked so effortless on the runway, and I'd say it matched the show from last season, if not exceeded it." LA Style Fashion Week is held by Style Fashion Week, partners with public relations team Bubblefish Media, hosts of New York Style Fashion Week, and Dubai Style Fashion Week.


More Photos from the Kinsman Swim Fashion Show can be viewed at http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1227950

CNN iReport