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Live in Fitness

Reviewed by Eholly
It really works, a great program especially designed for your body type. Stick to your meal plan and workout routine and you will see results, even in a short amount of time. We tried Live In Fitness for a week and were impressed and satisfied with what had been offered to us.

It was a great experience very helpful and eye opening in many ways. We followed the meal plan designed for us which was measured in portions. We tried our best to take advantage of all the different classes being offered, but there are a lot to choose from. Classes offered included: Standing Stretch, Foam Roll/Mobility, Postural Alignment Workshop, Cardio Dance, Gym Basics, Shake it, Beach Walk, Peaks & Valleys, Boxing, Water Aerobics, Turbo Kick, Pyramid Yoga, Spin, Butts & Gutts, Basket Ball, TRX & Core, Bavarian, Lap Swim, Crossfit Basics, Partner Workout, just to name a few. The trainers were helpful and gave some good advice. Beside from the regular work out they also offer field trips to the local grocery market with a nutritionist, massages, cooking classes, dining out trips, kayaking, bike tours, life coaching and other workshop to improve your health and mind.

Live in Fitness was found by owner Eric Viskovicz one of the most successful weight-loss and fitness retreat in America. That success is a result of 20 years of not giving up, including overcoming a fire that burned his facility to the ground and staying afloat financially, while trying (and failing a lot) to discover the perfect formula for success. Failing for a while is only failing if you quit trying. We never did and, through many trial-and-error efforts, developed a scientific, proven formula that works. Yes, what and how much you eat is important, and what exercise and how much you do is important. But we discovered the crucial factor: train the mind first, and the body will follow.
Live in Fitness is located on the beautiful Island of Hilton Head, South Carolina which also offers plenty of fun activities.
For more information visit www.liveinfitness.com