Food Festival Welcome Party Drums-Up Excitement for the Bar & Restaurant

On the heels of its highly successful return to Las Vegas, the Nightclub & Bar Show
announced that the annual convention will evolve to become the “Bar & Restaurant Expo”. The formal
announcement was made at the all-new Food Festival Welcome Party on June 29th that featured a
variety of food trucks and beverage sponsors with an only in Las Vegas performance by The Drumbots,
the official Drum Line of the NHL Vegas Golden Knights.

“This rebrand will open the door to the vast food and restaurant segment of industry and allow us to
explore new opportunities in the food and beverage industry,” said Tim McLucas, vice president of Bar &
Restaurant Group. “As the bar, nightlife and restaurant business authority, the repositioning to Bar &
Restaurant Expo allows us to create new opportunities for important business growth tied to new
customer expectations and an enhanced guest experience.”

However, the changes are much bigger than just changing the show name. Imagine interactive booths
and improved customer engagement, product experiences with real time operator feedback, and an
overall immersive environment. The evolution of the brand aligns with the fast-moving hospitality
industry. The change will broaden the breadth and depth of the audience of the expo to include food
buyers, food & beverage directors, food distributors, chefs, as well as other key stakeholders within the
food service sector.

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About Nightclub & Bar Show
Nightclub & Bar Show is evolving to Bar & Restaurant Expo. Mirroring the fast-paced, trend-setting
nature of the hospitality industry, the event has been providing the specific tools that bar and restaurant
owners, operators, and managers need to grow their businesses, compete, and succeed in this hypercompetitive and dynamic industry. The Bar & Restaurant Group is a division of the Questex Hospitality
Group which also produces VIBE Conference, World Tea Conference & Expo, and daily content on

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Questex brings people together in the markets that help people live better: travel, hospitality and
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