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X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker

Reviewed by Eholly
This stylish small portable speaker comes in handy so many ways especially being on the road a lot. This bouncy pocket size speaker fits easily in any handbag or traveling case. It holds up to 20 hours playback time, and has a built-in volume control with a bass xpansion system. It outputs 2.5 watts RMS and features frequency range of 150Hz to 20 kHz. It has an on/off switch with a power indicator on the side of the capsule. The X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker is compatible with mobile phones, laptops, tablets, portable game stations, and media players. It comes in six colors orange, red, black, blue, green, and gunmetal. And includes a carrying pouch and charging cable.
Prices range from $26.99 - $39.90
For more information visit www. X-mini.com
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Jabra SPORT Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Reviewed by Eholly
These are absolutely great earbuds from Jabra, they are so comfortable and easy to handle. Especially at the gym during a work out or running outside. No tangled up lose cables to interfere with a daily workout routine. They are waterproof even if you sweat or outside in the rain no harm will be done. They include 3 sets of EarWings, 4 sets of EarGels and 2 Fit Clips and a cute carrying pouch. Also, download the integrated training application, and Jabra Sport Life application for training tips and to plan a more intense workout. The in-ear coach tells you when to rest, or when to switch to the next exercise, using either built-in workouts or ones you customize. And it is very easy to connect to the Bluetooth. The sound quality is great extremely crisp tones, the controls volume – pause/play/on/off are easily operated. The bass is astounding. The clarity is as well. The microphone works wonderfully. The earbuds come in three different colors blue, red, and yellow. Specifications
Battery & Power Talk Time: Up to 5.5 hours
Standby Time: Up to 10 days
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Talk range: up to 10 m
Weight: 0.56 oz,16 g
Prices range from $99.99 – $149.99
For more information visit www. www.jabra.com


Reviewed by Eholly
Super stylish, amazing clear sound with these headphones you definitely stand out and look as fashionable and hip ever. Easy to handle, lightweight don't wear down at the top of your head, very comfortable thanks to their giant DJ-Style ear pads that conform to the ear once they warm up. Also, you can take quickly calls using Monster's ControlTalk Universal which lets you conveniently switch between your music from your headphones to your phone with an in-line mic that features controls for android, tablets and other devices.
About Monster 24K:
• Pure Monster Sound integral to each pair, driving bass at the heart
• Professional DJ Style Ear Swiveling Cups
• Design meant for fashion and comfort
• Iconic Gold-plated band meant to be an accessory as much as a pair of headphones
• Super plush ear cushions for comfort
• ControlTalk Universal
Prices range from $269.95 - $319.95
For more information visit www.MonsterProducts.com
Products provided by manufactures for review in no way influences reviews, comments or opinions.